A manuscript Onisaburo wrote
 on Feb. 27 (lunar Feb. 1),
 1922. (Excerpts from an
 introductory long poem of
 Volume 10)

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The Reikai Monogatari is made up of 81 volumes, but since Volume 64 consists of two books and an account of Onisaburo's mission in Mongolia is added to the Sanka Somoku Series (Volumes 61-72), it totals 83 books, or 1868 chapters, making the holy scripture a voluminous work.

Apart from the Tensho Chizui, each series consists of twelve volumes bearing the corresponding names of the twelve animal signs on the eto zodiac: 1 (ne meaning "rat"), 2 (ushi, "ox"), 3 (tora, "tiger"), 4 (u, "hare"), 5 (tatsu, "dragon"), 6 (mi, "serpent"), 7 (uma, "horse"), 8 (hitsuji, "sheep"), 9 (saru, "monkey"), 10 (tori, "rooster"), 11 (inu, "dog"), and 12 (i, "boar").

To take Volume 3 as an example, it can also be called "Volume of Tora in the Reishu Taiju Series of the Reikai Monogatari."

SeriesVolumesNumber of Books
Reishu Taiju1-1212
Nyoi Hosshu13-2412
Kaiyo Banri25-3612
Shashin Katsuyaku37-4812
Shinzen Biai49-6012
Sanka Somoku61-7214

(Volumes 64 Parts 1 & 2, as well as "Onisaburo's Mission in Mongolia" included)
Tensho Chizui73-819

Seal of the Deity of Su

Onisaburo's thumb mark, also known as the "Seal of the Deity of Su," shapes like the mark of the Original Deity.

The "Deity of Su" is another name for the Creator.

Onisaburo stamping copies of the Monogatari with his thumb mark (Seal of the Deity of Su).


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