Onisaburo Deguchi

Onisaburo Deguchi
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Onisaburo's Voice and Video

(Excerpts from the Kototamaroku by
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Onisaburo speaking at the 1st General Assembly of the Showa Seinenkai (1931)
Onisaburo speaking at the   
1st General Assembly of     
the Showa Seinenkai (1931)

Onisaburo recording a tape
Onisaburo recording a tape

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of his initiatory experience on Mt.Takakuma, Onisaburo recorded norito prayers, as well as the introductory poems outlining Volume 12 of the Reikai Monogatari at the Shounkaku Hall on Mar. 7 (lunar Feb. 9), 1922. He reminisces about this recording in his poems in Chapter 8 of the same volume.

The Kototamaroku Onisaburo dubbed his kototama on phonograph records himself in 1922 and 1931. They were dynamited during the second government persecution of Omoto in 1935, but some bits and pieces survived the disaster.

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Onisaburo hails the Shicifukujin (seven lucky deities) as representing all the virtues of the Kami. (These seven deities appear in Chapter 26, Volume 65 of the Reikai Monogatari.) The photos below were taken at the Chisho Hall within the Tenonkyo on Sep. 28, 1933.





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