Born on August 15, 1930, as eldest grandson of Onisaburo to his third daughter Yaeno and her husband Uchimaru at the Kyutenkaku Hall in Ayabe.
(Onisaburo writes a lot about the spiritual origin and birth of Yasuaki, appointing him as solely legitimate successor to the Divine Plan for the creation of the Kingdom of Miroku.)

Onisaburo and his followers on Lake Towada

When he was 5, the authorities suppressed Omoto again (Second Omoto Incident), and Onisaburo, Sumi and Uchimaru were imprisoned. As a junior high school student, he ran away from home and landed a newspaper job at the Daily Hokkoku. In 1952 he entered Waseda University but later dropped out. Afterwards, he worked in a variety of positions. In 1963, he won a rookie's award for his mystery novel, laying the foundation for his writing career.

His major works include: "Mothor Earth" (1969-1971), "The Prophecies and Assurances of Nao and Onisaburo Deguchi" (1978), "The Untold Stories Behind Onisaburo's Mission in Mongolia" (1985), "The Truth of the Third Omoto Incident" (1986), "The Life of Onisaburo the Whoopee" (1987), "A Living Philosophy Based on Onisaburo's Divine Teachings" (1987), and "Prediction and Mythology" (1991).

He chaired the Missionaries' Association of the Aizen-en. He was also the head of the Institute for the Publication of the Reikai Monogatari.

He passed away on June 18, 2002. He was 71.