You don't always have good communication with the Kami simply by learning the holy scripture Reikai Monogatari.

Prayer is a means by which we talk to the Divine.

We revere and worship the Great Deity Kamususanowo no Okami as the Creator.

Having faith in the Kami is living together with Him.
"Living together?" you might ask.
That's right. And it begins by offering prayers.

  Youth priests observing the Grand Miroku
  (Maitreya) Festival (2002)

The Kami will hear your prayers when you pray to Him.
He will talk to your heart in a tiny little voice and lead you to happiness.

Onisaburo pacifying a baby

The relationship between the Kami and man is like that between parent and child. It is about love and affection, and words often fail to express its subtleties and complexities.

We begin and end the day with our prayers to the Creator in the morning and evening, giving thanks for all He has done for us.

The Kami will whisper a sweet little message into your heart!

Onisaburo serving as chief priest for the first time in a decade in a ceremony held at Mt. Hongu in the Ayabe sanctuary. (Oct. 28, 1935)

Reijin (gagaku musicians) playing the yakumokoto (two-stringed horizontal harp)


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