The Kami no Kuni is a monthly magazine of the Aizen-en.
As of November, 2003, a total of 283 issues have been published.

The magazine contains a wide variety of useful information ranging from Onisaburo's teachings and his Reikai Monogatari to the reader's columns and notices to the members of the Aizen-en.

November 2003 issue (No.283)

Excerpts from the November 2003 issue (in Japanese):

   The Reikai Monogatari (Chapter 50, Volume 3)
   My thoughts about Chapter 50 ("The Sabbath")
   News from the Reikai Monogatari reading sessions
   On Onisaburo's poems
   Essay on religious faith
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Founding of the World Religious Federation in Beijing (May 20, 1925).
Masazumi Matsumura (center, front row) representing Omoto             


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