With Onisaburo's teachings as its driving force, the Aizen-en (Garden of Love and Brotherhood) is a religious organization dedicated to the creation of a better society.

We gather together in search of the True Way with our faith in the Great Deity Kamususanowo, who we believe is the Creator and Saviour of the entire universe.

We don't really have valuable property like dazzling shrines or magnificent facilities.
All we have, however, is our sacred text authored by Onisaburo Deguchi: the Reikai Monogatari (Tales of the Spirit World).

Based on the teachings revealed in this scripture, we are enthusiastic about building a shrine within ourselves, propagating the Way of the Kami and creating an ideal society on earth--to name just a few.

We are honored to have you and share this joy together.

  Kamususanowo no
  Okami (Saviour Deity)


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